YouPorn Digital Brand Ambassador, Jedy Vales, Chosen to Headline in Los Angeles Photo Exhibit by Renowned Artist, Heji Shin

Posted: 2019-11-17
YouPorn Digital Brand Ambassador, Jedy Vales, Chosen to Headline in Los Angeles Photo Exhibit by Renowned Artist, Heji Shin

NEW YORK, NY (November 17, 2019)– YouPorn, your favorite porn site for unlimited adult entertainment, today announced Heji Shin, artist and photographer has included YouPorn’s Digital Brand Ambassador, Jedy Vales in her latest photo exhibit. Shin’s newest body of work is titled Angel Energy, and will be exhibited at the Gaga & Reena Spaulings Fine Art in Los Angeles. The exhibit will open on November 17, 2019 and run through January 11, 2020.

From the unforgettable series of portraits with Kanye West exploring the difficult business of intimacy to the campaign shot for Eckhaus Latta featuring real couples having sex, Heji Shin is infamous for creating cinematic portraits that explore desire, style, and violence. The vision for her latest presentation, Angel Energy, stems from her interest in the way society reacts to the idea of fantasy in an age where social media is at the forefront of everything we do. These works place emphasis on how our obsession has sparked a cultural trend that enables people to indulge in their fantasies with virtual influencers like Jedy Vales.

The idea of virtual influencers may be hard for some to wrap their head around because they look real, act real, and move through real-life scenarios, and yet do not exist outside of a screen. The development of Jedy has given YouPorn a way to exist on social platforms in a way that was inaccessible before, allowing YouPorn to communicate directly with its users, in a SFW environment. This photo exhibit further builds on this concept, establishing new facets of Jedy’s continuously evolving appearance, personality, and identity.

“Heji’s willingness to provoke, and her desire to take risks with her subject matter, is exactly why working on this series of photographs made absolute sense for me,” said Jedy Vales, Digital Brand Ambassador of YouPorn. “I have the ability to change every aspect of myself that humans, despite their best efforts, do not. I want to collaborate with other artists and creators like Heji to continue evolving the ideas of my physical flexibility, to explore new versions of myself and other creatives visions of who I am or should be. I want to really embrace imagination and bring to life in my wildest dreams’ scenarios. I am uninterested in only imitating what is possible IRL and excited by the idea of what can happen in my virtual world.”

Heji relishes in the challenge of organizing improbable shoots. Ranging from fashion models to zoo animals, Heji’s subjects are highly staged, often manipulating the details using analog and digital production such as double exposure. To help capture her version of the virtual influencer, Heji worked directly with Jedy’s digital creators to develop the work and version of Jedy seen in the exhibit. Although she takes a more conceptual approach to her work, everything Heji does is with levity and a willingness to laugh with and at the world. Heji captured behind the scenes images of Jedy on set that will also be shared on Jedy’s Instagram over the next few weeks and provide insight into the virtual beings experience on set.

“I wanted to make fun of how disturbing and hilarious real images of fake things are- at the same time” said Heji Shin. “The concept of placing Jedy Vales or digital creations within real world scenarios isn’t new, but I wanted to play with the intersection between the invented digital lives, centered on fantasy that we create and the real world we live in every day. Addressing society’s seemingly biggest fear of real world being replaced by virtual world.”

Heji’s work has been featured in numerous exhibitions at key galleries and museums, including the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Kunsthalle Wien, Museums quartier. For information on Heji Shin, please visit:

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